Thursday, May 9, 2013

On the pitfalls of "Open Access" publishing

The e-mail below from our library says it all.  (Emphasis is mine.)

"Dear Liviu Nicolaescu,

A request you have placed:

Journal of advanced research in statistics and probability
3  3     2011
Title: On the central limit theorem for $m$-dependent random variables with  unbounded $m$
Author: Shang, Yilun

TN: 685774

has been cancelled by the interlibrary loan staff for the following reason:

We have exhausted all possible sources.

This is so frustraing! [sic]  We haven't been able to find any library that has this journal,  Per the journal's website it is supposed to be Open Access meaning we should be able to get any of the articles online at no charge but their "archive" returns an empty screen with no way ot getting to the older journal issues.   We tried this on different days just to make sure it wasn't a one-day system problem.  We have not been able to find an email address for the author so that we could ask him directly.   We've found a number of other articles by this author on this subject but not this one.   We're just out of options on this one."
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