Friday, February 20, 2015

Springer Verlag is one fucked-up company: the Alzheimer years. (Please repost)

In an earlier post   I described my  experience with  Springer's new editing practices.   Briefly, they're cheap SOBs. ( SOB:= sonovabitch)    The saga continues.

Two days ago I received this nice letter from them, thanking me  for my refereeing  services. Part of the thank-you was  an electronic discount token, good for  two weeks that I can use to purchase  one book of my choice  at 50% discount.

The problem  is that their  shopping website is either not working, or I may be blacklisted.  For several months I could not purchase anything there. That did not bother me too much because I could always go to the more reliable Amazon site. I cannot do this with my stupid token: I have to use it on their website which is reliably not working.  My attempts  to contact the customer service   were  fruitless (as I write this).

Here is a company that  forgot how books are edited,    cannot sell them on electronic platforms,   and  cannot handle customer inquires.  

I was    pissed off, but then I became worried: maybe one of world's largest media company is run by people  suffering from early onset Alzheimer.  This seems the most plausible explanation for  a behavior displaying forgetfulness of the most basic business practices.  Or maybe  their just  bumbling idiots   in charge of the  Titanic.